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Solar Heating

One of the newest technologies used in heating employs the oldest source of heat – the sun. Long used in Europe, solar heating is now becoming more common in Canada. Magnum Mechanical is a leader in this emerging industry, having included solar thermal heating on many recent commercial construction projects, commercial retrofits and residential installations.

Solar Thermal

Solar thermal uses a solar collector (or panel) to collect heat from the sun which is transferred to a glycol fluid that flows through the collector. This heat energy is then transferred into the building's mechanical system where it can be used for domestic hot water and hydronic heating. Energy cost savings can be substantial when solar thermal is incorporated in applications such as swimming pools, car washes, and process hot water applications.

Solar Air

Solar Air heating is typically connected to a building's ventilation system. It uses a series of collectors mounted on the roof or a south wall elevation, allowing the ventilation air to be preheated as it is drawn into the air handling system.

Both technologies require little maintenance, generate immediate energy savings and are a great return on investment. Talk to us about adding solar to your next construction project. We can design a solar heating system for both new construction projects and building mechanical retrofits, can calculate cost savings and anticipated return on investment. It's a win-win situation for the building owner and the environment.