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Infared Heating

A gas-fired infrared tube heater, or high intensity heater, emulates the warmth of the sun by generating radiant energy that converts to useable heat when absorbed by objects in its path. In buildings, objects such as floors, tools and machinery absorb the infrared radiant energy, creating a 'heat sink' where warmth is stored and radiated to warm the surrounding air.

Infrared heaters can generate fuel savings of 32% or more compared to conventional forced-air unit heaters.

Low Intensity

Low intensity infrared heaters are typically a radiant tube style and are available in inputs of 25,000BTU/hr to 600,000 BTU/hr. They are used in commercial, industrial and residential applications such as garages, machine shops, manufacturing facilities, storage and warehouse facilities, car washes, agricultural buildings and airplane hangers. Infrared tube heaters are an excellent choice for any space that has a high ceiling and large area that requires heat.

High Intensity

High Intensity infrared heaters are high temperature ceramic surface units. Suited for high ceiling applications and spot heating applications, they are available in inputs of 30,000BTU/hr to 175,000 BTU/hr. High intensity infrared heaters are commonly used in manufacturing facilities, large airplane hangers, sports arenas as well as outdoor spot heating for restaurant patios.

Magnum Mechanical can evaluate your building and determine which system would best suit your requirements.