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Residential & Commercial Hot Water Heating Systems

Commercial Hot Water Heating

Hot water heating, commonly referred to in our industry as hydronic heating, is considered to:
  • Provide the highest comfort level for the occupant
  • Have the highest operating efficiency, compared to conventional forced-air heating
  • Have the ability to provide multiple zoning, by allowing thermostatic controls to individual offices or spaces

However, hydronic heating is more complex than forced-air as it has more components – boilers, pumps, control valves, heat transfer units, multiple piping systems and integrated controls. It is important to get it right the first time!

There are many ways to implement hydronic heating in your building and many types of equipment to choose from – depending on the level of operating efficiency you require. At Magnum Mechanical, we have the expertise and experience in hydronic heating to evaluate your new project or existing building and design a system that will meet your needs, budget and schedule.

Residential Hot Water Heating

If your house has 'hot-water' heating with a boiler system and is more than twenty years old, it may be time to consider replacing your existing boiler. New technology can give you considerable energy savings by incorporating a high-efficient condensing boiler and integrated control system.

You may also wish to consider adding solar panels to heat your domestic hot water. The use of solar thermal technology gives you an environmentally sustainable source of energy – to both decrease your energy costs and help save the planet!