Solar Thermal

Solar thermal technology absorbs the resource we most take for granted - radiation from the sun - and collects it for storage in fluid.

Once the heat is stored, it is then made available for many applications in your home or commercial building.

We only use the best quality solar thermal components, and our many years of experience in plumbing and heating will ensure that your solar installations are fully and efficiently integrated with any existing mechanical systems.

We can provide and install systems for everything from small projects (like your backyard swimming pool), to large-scale industrial or commercial projects with complex mechanical requirements.

Watch the video below for more information on how solar thermal technology functions, and to see how we were able to reduce the use of non-renewable energy at the Augustana Campus of the University of Alberta.

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  • We take pride in the quality of our mechanical systems. Our full-service commercial plumbing and heating products are backed by two of the industry's finest companies, Trane and Viessmann.

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