Solar PV

The components of a solar PV system (solar array, inverter, utility and monitoring equipment) are few, but correct installation is necessary to ensure that you have the most efficient, reliable system possible.

Because solar arrays can be mounted or integrated into your building in many ways, it is important that we spend time analyzing your energy needs to ensure that you get the array size you need, installed safely and with minimal disruption. We can determine attachment specifications for roof mounting (which includes calculating the influence of Alberta's sometimes strong winds and heavy snow) and install the racking in a variety of positions.

While you might think that cloud cover and snowfall will have a large detrimental effect on the ability of your solar PV system to produce power, there is generally very little energy loss from these factors. Most snowfall will quickly melt from solar modules, and as Alberta is Canada's sunniest province, you are in the perfect location for effective, high-functioning solar photovoltaic technology.

Many customers are interested in the cost savings incurred by utilizing solar PV in their home or business. When discussing the full benefits of solar technology, it is important to consider the longevity of our products, their durability in extreme weather, and the environmental value solar can add to your building. When planning a project, we will communicate with you the benefits of solar PV and strive to give you the most accurate picture of the cost effectiveness of solar as a long-term investment.

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